Splintered Characters

**Splintered Series Characters**

The Splintered characters are ready to entertain and chat with you on twitter!

Splintered Crew Legit: @SplinteredCrew

Jeb: @LongLiveTheMuse
Alyssa: @AlyssaPaints
Morph: @MorphTheMoth
Morpheus Rethen: @MorpheusRethen 
Jenara: @PunkPrincessJen 
Queen Red: @QueenRedConquer
The Ivory Queen: @SplinteredIvory
Queen Grenadine: @tyedribbions
Rabid White: @RabbitNotBeMe
Taelor Tremont: @taelor_tremont
Corbin McGregor: @ChevyLovingJock
Gossamer: @seductive_fae
Chessie: @ChessieBlud
Sister One: @TheOneWhoWaits 
Nikki the sprite: @Nikki_Spritling  
Carbon Copy Jeb: @splinteredcc 
Carbon Copy Jen: @Jenara_CC 
Alison: @MadlyAli_bear

Also, there's a hypothetical #Splintered movie page on “If List”. Anyone can vote on cast, crew, directors and producers via FaceBook / twitter profiles to show support for a possible Splintered movie one day.

To learn more about the Splintered characters' roles in the books,
follow either of these links:

If you'd like to know what music inspires each character, here are their individual playlists.

To see the visual inspiration behind the characters, here are their pinterest boards:

Secondary characters

Go here and here for more insights into the warped Wonderland characters and settings.